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So, I had sent a chiropractor a note in early July telling him that I had seen issues on his website that would be affecting his marketing.  For many months, I did not get a response and then in the last week of November, he reached out and invited me to have lunch with him.

At lunch, he told me that his business had taken a pretty big hit since Obamacare had gone into effect and he wanted to see if what I was doing in marketing on the web would help him.  We discussed out details and I went to work immediately to build him a new website that would rank in the search engines and be appealing to potential patients so that they would call to book a first appointment.  I had my favorite copyrighter help me to develop 10,000 words of content across 18 pages about chiropractic.  Our content is very original and thought provoking.  We also wrote in a lot of suggestions for the potential patient to choose a ‘next step’.  So, start to finish, we put in a solid week of work in design and writing content for this site.  As of 11/28/2016, the site is 98% complete.  I have a few disclaimers to add and I need to build a PDF form so that the patients can pre-complete the intake form and print it before arrival.

I’m pretty proud of this one because it looks very good, is very well written, and we kicked it out in less than a week.  Please take a look at my Reno Chiropractor website and see what you think.  – JR

Building Sites That Rank

So strange to be here again.  I forgot that I have this blog setup at WordPress.  CANIASK was a funny idea that I had because when I was doing computer consulting, I would be working to solve an issue for a client and while working, clients would try to get other questions answered while they had me. They typically would always preface their questions with the question, “Can I ask you a question while you work on that?” Continue reading “Building Sites That Rank”

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