Building Sites That Rank

So strange to be here again.  I forgot that I have this blog setup at WordPress.  CANIASK was a funny idea that I had because when I was doing computer consulting, I would be working to solve an issue for a client and while working, clients would try to get other questions answered while they had me. They typically would always preface their questions with the question, “Can I ask you a question while you work on that?”

Now days, I barely ever do technical support and I mostly work on marketing issues for small businesses.  My typical client has some sort of B-to-B or B-to-C service business where they rely on customers to find them and call them to bid on a project like a plumbing repair, a home remodel, or maybe a service like restaurant kitchen hood cleaning.

My business has been very interesting and I find it very gratifying that I can increase a customer flow to a business drastically.  Recently, I started working to increase business for a local chiropractor.  It’s going to be a little different, but I’m excited because the business model of a chiropractor still relies on people calling to book appointments with him.  The only difference is that in the case of the chiropractor, people are calling to book an appointment to immediately see the chiropractor – so more of the sales pitch is done by the website.

What I mean by that is, that in the case of a chiropractor, over say, a plumber, is that the website must sell the relationship more.  People want to be really excited about the doctor or physician over the person that will be unclogging their drain.  So the website has heavier lifting to do in creating the relationship.

I’ll post here to tell you how it’s going!